Grand Opening

Welcome to the grand opening of our new blog for the Women at Crossroads.  Our desire is that this will become a site that you can access any time that you can be online in order to interact with other women.  The idea is to have a place where you can share ideas, information, challenges, comfort and fun with those who possess similar values to your own.  Our perspective of course, will be first and foremost Christian since our primary desire is to be a home away from home for the community of women at Crossroads Church of Denver.  My ultimate hope for this site however is that this could be a safe place for individuals from all walks of life and places of origin to come and gather in cyberspace when they are in need of fellowship.  While men are obviously not forbidden from this site the content will feature topics relating to women’s issues and articles from a female point of view.  Please feel free to register your opinions and any desires that you might have for this blog.

Important Instructions to newbie blog readers!  I would love this blog site to become a community but you must participate and be willing to interact.

In order to comment on a blog you must click on the title of a post that interests you and you will see a reply or comment box appear at the bottom of the thread.  You will have to leave your e-mail address in order to comment (but don’t worry it will not be made public).  You will have to leave a name in order to post and that name will be posted (but never fear) you can use your real name or a nickname or pseudonym in order to post your comment.  Don’t be shy the only way a blog community is born is if someone takes the risk to be a part.

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One response to “Grand Opening

  1. Lucy Listens

    Hey Crossroads gals,
    I am excited about this opportunity to see fellowship happen online between Christian women. I attend church as often as I can but I am online daily and this will give me a chance to navigate over to this blog and chat with whoever might be online, awesome! Please jump in and become a part of this developing community. The more the merrier. Don’t leave me talking to myself. Thanks,

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