Has your prayer life taken a turn for the better?

What benefits have you experienced during our recent season of prayer at Crossroads? 

For the past eight weeks we have seen a large number of the women at Crossroads commit to improving their prayer lives.  Women have been attending the Wednesday night service and or Thursday night Bible Study and or Friday morning Bible Study and have been participating in what has amounted to a “great prayer experiment” on the part of our church.  Now we want to measure the results. 

How have you benefitted personally or seen others benefitted as a result of our recent season of prayer?  Have you had prayers answered?  Have you developed a habit of more effective prayer?  These are the questions on the floor, please respond to this thread and let us know you are out there.


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3 responses to “Has your prayer life taken a turn for the better?

  1. Queen Bee

    I have been benefitted in many ways by the “great prayer experiment” at Crossroads. The biggest thing that has occurred in my life is that my prayer life has been transformed. I am experiencing a regular and effective prayer time daily since I have been participating in the studies on Wednesday nights and Friday mornings. This is a real victory!

  2. Grateful Grandma

    I have requested prayer at women’s Bible study for my granddaughter and I wanted to report that she is much improved. I can’t thank the Women at Crossroads enough for their love and support, it makes me feel wonderful to know that none of us are alone in this world. We have the Lord walking with us and we have each other for company along the way. What a blessing!

  3. maryellenstipe

    Queen Bee and Grateful Grandma, thank you for sharing your thankful responses here online. It is great to know that this “season of prayer” that we have launched at Crossroads is bearing fruit. Our church will continue “a prayer experience” for those who want to participate on Wednesday evenings and I currently have a women’s prayer group that meets every week at noon on Fridays (after Women’s Bible Study). It is our intention to keep up the focus on prayer at Crossroads!

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