Remembering Our Sister in Christ, Julie Robbins

Julie at the family cabin last spring

Julie at the family cabin last spring

To all of Julie Robbins dear friends and her Crossroads family:
Julie has fought the good fight and now she has gone home to be with Jesus. She changed addresses gently and comfortably before midnight on Sunday, December 7, 2008. Julie’s husband, John; her daughter, Kacey, and her husband, Tim; her son, Ian, and his girlfriend, Nicole; and her sister, Nicki; were at her side when she slipped peacefully away. We all know to be absent from the body is to present with the Lord but we continue to pray for God’s grace and comfort for the family and all of us who knew her and loved her. John will be taking her back to Helena, Montana for burial but they would like to have a memorial service at Crossroads. No details have been decided but we will let you know. Thank you all for your prayers and support- the family have really appreciated it- and of course, we know Julie would have approved (and that’s the most important!).
The Lord’s comfort and blessings on this time of loss but also this time of celebration of a beautiful woman in Him.

From, Judy Crewell

Please feel free to add your condolences and remarks in rememberance of Julie’s life to the comments section at the end of this post.  We know that she was well loved by the Women at Crossroads. 

We have created a special page (see “Memorial — Julie Robbins ” under the listing “pages” in the sidebar) that includes the details of her memorial service and other misc info.

Praise the Lord, after running a long hard race in this life Julie is home with her Savior!  We will grieve this loss of a precious, loving and caring sister in Christ together.  Please share your feelings with the rest of us.  We welcome the contribution of your memories and stories to this post.  Julie’s quick wit, fun loving personality and godly character will not be soon forgotten!  

Maryellen Stipe


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8 responses to “Remembering Our Sister in Christ, Julie Robbins

  1. Sandy Atkins

    I didn’t know Julie very well. But each time our paths crossed I was blessed to experience her loving nature. Whether it was days, months or a year since I saw her last she would greet me with the same warmth and genuine kindness. I know she has left a unique legacy with each woman at Crossroads whose life she touched in her own special way. I thank God for blessing me with this woman’s presence even if briefly in my life. My prayers for comfort and peace at this time of great loss to all her family and close friends.

  2. Cherie Lewis

    Oh Jules, I am so happy for you! This has been a long hard battle. How rested and refreshed you are now! You have been a good friend, Sweet Jules. I do feel a great deal of compassion for our Father who is being very pressured to keep those hazelnut lattes coming… the way, how do they taste up there? Jules, you are in the very presence of our Heavenly Father!!!! You are truly tasting His goodness!

    You were my cheerleader, my number one fan, and personal shoe shopper. You made leading worship a delight, as I would look out to see you smiling, encouraging me to keep doing my best. And to see you worshipping, well, was a gift. You are worshipping, with abandon, and full lung capacity you are singing, in the presence of our Father!

    This hurts!! I miss you so much. Thank you for the life you inspired in us. Thank you for never giving up. Thank you for looking outside of what you were in the midst of to see what your girlfriends were in the midst of.

    I selfishly cry….tears for myself. But I cry tears of joy for you, Jules, for at last, you are not restricted by a lack of oxygen or fatigue or pain or tubes. You are dancing! You are whole. I can’t wait to see you that way. It seems like it’s going to be a long time. But when it comes, we are going to have an eternity to catch up.

    Love you, friend. See you soon.

  3. Maryellen Stipe

    I first met Julie when she was a young mom and came as a visitor to our church. She had just met Christ and began to bring her children to church with her. Kacey was just a baby and I had a young son just 1 year older, Thomas (now Thomas is 21). From that point we became friends and she began attending women’s ministry events. Kacey and Thomas were friends throughout Sunday School and went on to attend High School together at Ralston Valley, we always had that in common.

    I remember Julie from the beginning as being very passionate about her faith and she began serving very soon after she started attending the church. Julie was always about pitching in and helping, she also would share her life and faith with anyone who would listen. She loved her family dearly and they were second only to God in her life. Julie gave of herself self-sacrificially.

    She was a faithful volunteer who helped every year with the Christmas tea. Her greatest contribution to the teas was as the food prep co-ordinator and her version of Devonshire cream was legendary.

    We will miss Julie’s vibrant personality in our midst, she always brought a smile and was the eternal optimist. Many of you know how badly I need people like that around me because I have always tended to be pessimistic. I truly have appreciated Julie’s unique contribution all these years and can’t imagine going on without her, but I know we will somehow (that’s what she would want from us.)

    I am glad I got the chance to say good-bye at the hospital, it will always be a precious memory. My love goes out to John, Kacey, Ian and the rest of the family as I know their hearts are aching like all of ours. May God’s comfort be with us all.

    Love in Christ,
    Maryellen Stipe

  4. When I first heard that Julie was near death on Friday morning my spirit stirred within me and I felt a special joy thinking of looking into my dear Saviors’ eyes and knowing I was home. I felt happy for her in a big way. Saturday I went through all my memories of Julie. We spent a lot of church services in the front row together; we worked together on past Christmas teas and rode together to women’s retreat. We prayed and worshiped together. Julie was my friend, teacher and leader. Yesterday I told everyone I knew that Julie was dying and today with the news of her passing I’m strangely sad. I know she is happy, but I am sad. I love every one of the women at Crossroads. You are woven into the fabric of my life. I will miss Julie but her imprint remains in and with me always.

  5. Queen Bee

    It is with a heavy heart that I say good-bye to Julie. She was such a fighter against the cancer that ravaged her body. She was committed to staying alive to see her kids married and raising children of their own. Now, she will delight in those grandkids from heaven. I have to believe she will see them. My prayer is that Kacey and Ian can find some peace as soon as possible knowing that they will see their beloved Mom again some day. Julie was a great wife and mother always putting her husband and children first. I admired her for that and for her willingness to keep on fighting the cancer no matter what. She truly fought a good fight but I believe God in his mercy took her home. Now, for the first time in all these years she is healthy and strong. I love you and will miss you Julie!

    Queen Bee Me

  6. Grateful Grandma

    Julie will be remembered for her strong spirit and quick wit. She always had a come back and she never felt sorry for herself. Today she is rejoicing in heaven with many rewards coming her way. She kept on keeping on and never wavered in her faith.

    My prayer is that John will come close to Jesus through all of this, that was Julie’s greatest desire. She also prayed that her children would always stay close to God. Her ministry was as a strong role model and mentor.

    She taught by example. I will miss her greatly. My sincere condolences go out to Kacey, Ian and John may God be with you during your grief. We grieve along side of you.

  7. I am very saddened by the news of Julie’s passing. She was indeed a treat to all of us who knew her. Her indomitable spirit is what I will always remember about her. Even in her most challenging moments her faith and light-hearted spirit showed through. May she now rest in the Lord’s amazing peace. I will be praying specifically for all of her surviving relatives and friends. At Crossroads, it comforting to know in sad times we stick together. Thank you Judy for your e-mail & Maryellen so much for getting the word out to all of us so we can be there & pray. After the recent passing of my brother, the prayers, hugs & support from so many of you for your caring is beyond words to express. Bless you Deloris for your call…after many tears and prayers that day became so much brighter. HE heard and answered. – Phil. 4:13. To Kacey: you are a shining example of your mother. You both radiate Jesus. May He hold you tight. – Rachel

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