For All You Shoe Lovers–What Do You Think About Red Shoes?

Greta Van Susteren reported on her blog  “GretaWire” today about a pair of red hot shoes worn by Gov.  Sarah Palin.  I happen to like Sarah and red shoes so I thought this was definitely blogworthy.

Greta following this incredibly important story stated,  “A pair of shoes worn by Gov. Sarah Palin during her campaign for vice president netted $2,025 in an online auction Tuesday morning, according to the Anchorage, Alaska, TV station KTUU.

The pair of red, Naughty Monkey Double-Dare pumps were sold in an eBay auction that ended Tuesday. They usually go for about $100.

Someone calling herself Palin’s niece was selling the red shoes she said the governor gave her, according to the auction site. She claims that the shoes were purchased, not by the Republican National Committee, but by the governor herself at a Juneau store.” 

For more on this story follow this link:

 Other “red shoes” I admire — every Colorado cowgirl needs a pair of “Red Ropers.”

And when speaking of “red shoes” “Dorothy’s Ruby Red Slippers” should never be forgotten and even I own a pair of red loafers!

What do you think about red shoes and which are your favorites?

Do you own any? 

Please comment!


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10 responses to “For All You Shoe Lovers–What Do You Think About Red Shoes?

  1. priscillasdaughter

    Love those Red Ropers and the Naughty Monkey Double-Dare Pumps are great too. I approve every woman needs a pair of red shoes!

  2. Lucy Listens

    My spring wardrobe would not be complete with out some red keds, traditional oxford champion style, size 7 medium, to be exact!

  3. Queen Bee

    And girls, please don’t forget a pair of sexy red strappy sandals for summer. Now, that’s really red hot!

  4. Grateful Grandma

    I love Crocs and they come in caymen red.

    Crocs are great for comfort and you can wear them while you work around the house and yard.

    Wear them with denim shorts when you are gardening, now that can also be a hot look, Miss Queen Bee.

  5. Maryellen Stipe

    Target sells knock offs of Sarah’s Naughty Monkey Double-Dare Pumps. They are made by Mossimo and they come in red and are called Danae buckle pumps. You can find them on Target’s website for $26.

  6. Oh, dear. You HAD to do a post about shoes. Red shoes! How could I NOT comment??? I’ve blogged on this quite a few times. Red shoes are essential for every woman. They’re more than sassy and fashionable, they’re empowering. Something happens inside a girl when they’re worn. Beautiful confidence.

    I’ve heard some women say, “Oh, no. I couldn’t wear red shoes.” Even that “It’s not appropriate.” Those are lies we buy into. Every woman needs at least ONE pair of red shoes that she loves. And, going a step further, I would advise three: flats, closed toe heels, and peep toe pumps or strappy heeled sandals for warmer weather.

    If you’d like to read more about red shoes, what you should own and how you should wear them, follow this link:


    Much love, girlies!!! (And, for the record, I adore Sarah Palin AND all her shoes. She is a woman’s woman.)

  7. Maryellen Stipe


    Angela is the expert on all things shoes. I am so glad she posted. Follow her link and get some expert advice on sassy shoes!

  8. Maryellen… you flatter me… *wink*

  9. Ali F

    red birkenstocks in summer- do you have those in the states? I miss Target though!

  10. Sandy

    Red shoes! I love them and have loved them for quite some time. Watching “what not to wear” over the past few years gave me the incentive and courage to wear them with confidence and match them up more creatively with my outfits – work and play. I have a pair of shiny red flats, a pair of opened toed heels and a dark red comfy pair for colder weather. I’ve even gotten brave enough to add more color to my shoe wardrobe – (blue, yellow, green and silver)!!

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