Economic Woes Could Bear Good Fruit Amongst Spoiled Americans

Please excuse a few blipped and slightly off-color comments, I hope you were not too offended.  It is just that I could not resist posting this video, my daughter posted it on her face-book and as I watched–I thought it was so true, and so very, very, funny!  We are all so ungrateful and spoiled and we wonder why God might let us experience some hard times.  By the way I am old enough to remember those simpler times!

Please comment, I don’t know how long I will be able to leave this up, it may be a little controversial.


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3 responses to “Economic Woes Could Bear Good Fruit Amongst Spoiled Americans

  1. Excellent Maryellen or whomever put this up. It is so true. We must all learn to be more grateful …for ALL. We are so privileged in this country …so very privileged. Loved Pastor Tom’s sermon today. There is indeed so much comfort in reading/ focusing on the “Good News.” It indeed gives us a peace that passes all understanding. Often, in private sessions in my work, we will start & end with prayer. The Holy Spirit comforts in ways I can’t even begin to describe. As each of us remain the vessels it’s amazing what HE can accomplish! Sincerely, Rachel

  2. Maryellen Stipe

    I put the video up Rachel and I did think this man summed up some real truth involving the spoiled attitudes of people in our country. The comedian showed real insight and communicated it in a very funny way. I too loved Tom’s message today. I am so glad we get to be a giving church and I loved Tom’s idea to get us to rise above our fears by actively giving to someone in need. Anyway thanks for commenting it is always good to hear peoples opinions and impressions.

  3. Chris Silva

    Hilarious…and so true!

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