The World Needs Jesus

This must be my week for videos.  My friend E-runner over at More Than Coping which is also a wordpress blog posted this short clip based on a Jesus Movement of the 70’s song.

The song is by Malcolm and Alwyn two British friends of mine who were comrades of Tom and myself during some pretty wonderful youth revival days in London, L.A. and Orange County CA a very long time ago.  The message is still appropriate and true.

Please bear with the folk rock style, I still love it.


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One response to “The World Needs Jesus

  1. erunner

    Maryellen, I hope it’s okay that I am posting this “advertisement” here. If I have overstepped you can remove this post. Also, no apologies necessary for that song! Singers today should listen and take some notes!

    I have posted two articles and will be running a few more concerning the state of public mental health services in our nation. I am convinced these are a call to the church to evaluate how they are or might extend the grace of God to those in our midst who are victims of mental illness.

    This is a controversial issue for many or an issue that isn’t on the radar for many in the Body of Christ. As time moves on brothers and sisters in our midst desperately need the love of God to be extended to them so they might find healing, acceptance, and love where it should be extended unconditionally.

    IF this is something you believe is a legitimate issue then you might want to read my two most recent articles and the two or three that will follow shortly. Allan

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