Do you ever pray?

2007-12_prayer[1]I don’t want to get too personal but do you ever pray?

In the last two years I have prayed more than at any other time in my entire life.

Yet, the challenges just keep on coming. 

This Sunday I heard a sermon on the value of persistence in prayer and the biblical text examined was Luke 18.   

The Holy Spirit convicted me even more about the necessity of  “always praying and not losing heart.”   

I could use some encouragement.  How has long term persistence in prayer paid off in your life?  Are there any testimonies out there?  Please feel free to comment!



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4 responses to “Do you ever pray?

  1. Mary

    My daughter got involved with a gang when she was 18. Bullet holes in her car, fights, arrests, total disrespect for me and threats of violence made against me and my home. Through years of persistent prayer, submitting prayer requests at church, counseling with Maryellen and having anyone I knew pray. She left the gang after about 4 years. I did ALOT of praying and I never backed down during confrontations on my faith or principles with the gang. I am a single parent and I let the Lord lead in all my dealings with them, still showing the Love of Christ to them. When she wouldn’t come home for Thanksgiving I asked if I could bring them Thanksgiving and I did and left it at there home in a box, same for Christmas. When her boyfriend was in jail I had Prison Fellowship visit him and sent him a bible and helped him get his GED.

    A circumstance arose in my home and I called the police on them and there were arrests made and more threats of vengeance against me during that time but none of those threats were ever carried out and I know, I KNOW it was the hand of God and His army that protected me through that time and after. It’s been 7 years since she left the gang. Praise God.

    That is only one (and a huge one) part of my life when persistent prayer paid off. Blessings, Mary

  2. Yes!!! I pray, pray, pray. I used to wonder what was meant by “pray constantly” and a “life of prayer.” Now I know that it has to do with our thoughts. It’s talking to God as I go. Just having conversations with Him. Saying, “What the heck is UP with this?”

    Often, my prayers are turning things back over to God. God gave me a scripture a year and a half ago that I have stood on as I give things back to Him over and over and OVER. Exodus 14:14: “The LORD will fight for you, you need only to remain still.” (I love Danny Oertli’s song on this.) When we have done all we can/know to do, our job is to stand. Through Ian’s diagnosis, heart-wrenching family circumstances, learning to lead MEN, dealing with all the wonderful ups and downs of ministry… I know that God will fight for me. My responsibility in this is to seek His will, to listen intently, and not to stop walking, but keep going, trusting that He will illuminate the path. I’ve watched Him do this time and again.

    A book that has been amazing recently (in fact, I haven’t even finished it yet), is Bob Sorge’s Secrets of the Secret Place. This is an amazing book on prayer, and has changed HOW I pray.

    I was told recently by someone very close to me that prayer is nothing more than meditation, than going “inside yourself.” She said it’s silliness and a waste of time. I say, how can I live my life without conversations with my God? I look at all He has done because of prayer, and I grieve for her. Do we weary? Yes. Is it tempting to give up? Yes. But we WILL persevere. I see the fruit in my friend I prayed for for seven years. He was a mormon. Now he’s serving at his Christian church, even playing drums on the worship team! A family we’re close to here and having been praying for for over two years. They’re now in church and one even got baptized a few weeks ago. And *laugh* my mom prayed in high school for my boyfriend my senior year to be removed from my life. Hmmm… that one was effective. =^) Prayer for my husband has had results time and again, especially with his military service. I have seen commanders removed from direct leadership and whole circumstances shift when I prayed consistently for them.

    I think my life is one big conversation with God. It has to be. I’d really screw things up if it wasn’t.

  3. THAT was a VERY long comment. Wow. Good thing you love me. =^)

  4. Maryellen Stipe

    Thank you Mary and Angela,

    Your comments are very uplifting.

    I have also been blessed with God’s intervention as I have prayed for my granddaughter Avery Grace. When she was diagnosed with Down Syndrome we immediately went to prayer and while Avery still has the disability–she certainly has been spared many of the profound aspects of the disorder.

    At birth she had none of the over 2o physical complications that are normally associated with Downs and now at 20 months she is tracking with typical children in most areas of her development. She is talking, signing, standing and taking steps.

    She also eats normally and enjoys trying to keep up with her older brother. Besides my personal prayers, the Crossroads women’s prayer group that meets at noon on Fridays has prayed persistently for Avery for over two years. God has been so faithful. The fruit we are seeing keeps us praying persistently for miracles in other areas. That is why these testimonies are so important!

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