One More Attempt At Losing Weight!!!

I made a New Year’s resolution this year to lose weight and I am passionate about carrying it out.

I am into the second week of new way of eating (AKA– a diet),

and I am as committed as humanly possible to sticking it out.

But this time things are a little different…

I did not start off , after realizing I’d put on a few unwanted pounds in 2009–with a vague, “I’m too fat, better eat less” –type of resolution.

This time I have attempted to practice what I have preached to others–and I have begun–with a very definite and well thought out goal and plan.

So on Jan 2, I began my quest for a realistic way to trim pounds through a healthier way of eating.  I have made my decision that curbing the carbs– i.e. taking in fewer carbohydrates and less sugary foods–will be the strategy that will work for me.

I have tried this method before and found it marginally successful but this time I am more organized than ever and I am using the “much touted” “South Beach” diet to accomplish my new low carb way of life.

I have heard that if you stick to this “easily accessible” eating plan you can’t help but lose weight…

But…being the pragmatic, performance oriented person that I am, I wanted to hedge my bets. I am left asking myself, what steps will I take next to INSURE achieving my goal?

Like most people I know I am well acquainted with “what weight loss doesn’t look like.”

That picture is well imprinted in my mind. I am overly familiar with the portrait of me sitting on the couch complaining about the spare tire around my middle and how hard it is to lose weight.  And I realize; that image is getting me– NO WHERE.

In order to AVOID FAILURE in this endeavor I need to get a “new” vision in my mind that accurately paints out for me exactly what my new life of shedding pounds will entail.

What does weight loss look like for me?

No one wakes up one day and says “Oh my, I have lost 30 pounds by accident, how did that happen? For every one-out-of-a million person that stumbles into fame, fortune, or success, thousands of people get there by asking, “How do I achieve this goal?”

They then take the time to spell it out in manageable BABY STEPS, roll up their sleeves and begin to work. Unless you are fortunate enough to have a fairy godmother with a magic wand or the money for liposuction, weight loss takes a detailed an intentional plan that can take months if not years.

For me weight loss looks like someone…

…planning their meals,

……learning about nutrition,

………actively looking for ways to incorporate exercise into their daily routine,

…………having a good attitude toward change

and crying out to God for His mercy and help in the process.

Last year, in January, I wrote about ten be-attitudes for establishing new positive habits in your life.  This year I have decided to post them again in a new fashion—I am ruthlessly applying them to my own life.

It takes guts to get this personal, but I am biting the bullet and doing it.

I am doing this not only to model, practicing what one preaches, but also in the hopes that maybe by remembering these principles again and by employing them in my own life, I will take off those thirty unwanted pounds once and for all!

So here goes, as you can see, I am pretty passionate about this process,


1) Be Patient – Cultivate a new routine, knowing that it will take some time!

I will remind myself that it takes about six weeks, or forty days, to make any certain practice into a habit.  I vow to keep on this diet plan for at least six weeks, no matter what and then I will reassess and tweak my new lifestyle choices to make sure I have found something that works successfully for me.

2) Be Realistic – Try not to change too many behaviors at once (that can back fire on anyone) instead be realistic and specific!

I will pick one new positive habit (taking in fewer carbs and sugars) and I will stick with that.  I will not bite off more than I can chew, (ha, ha,) which is my typical modus operandi by giving myself too many new challenges.  I will be reasonable!!!

3) Be Concrete – Choose something tangible and measurable to change.  When you set a vague goal it is difficult to assess whether you are meeting it or not!

My goal is concrete I will decrease the high number of carbohydrates and sugar laden foods in my diet via the “South Beach” plan and by doing this I will change the way I eat permanently and thus lose weight.

4) Be Intentional – Recording my goal and posting reminders to myself–in places I will see on a daily basis–affirms my decision to change

I will remind myself of the commitment to change that I have made by placing lists of “the glycemic index” of common daily foods in my kitchen, in my office and in my purse.  In this way I will remind myself regularly of the foods I am trying to avoid and the “good” things that I want to eat instead.

5) Be Prepared – Preparing for success ahead of time will make it easier to begin my new behavior.  I will make sure I have all necessary equipment and materials available beforehand.

I have purchased my “South Beach” diet book and a low-carb cookbook so that I know exactly how to proceed and I will have these items with me when I make my grocery list. I have also decided to work out twice a week and I am making sure that I have all my work-out clothes in a bag ready to go so that all I have to do is pick up my bag on the way out the door.

6) Be Kind – Rewarding myself with a small reward each time I perform my new habit will help pair it cognitively with positive emotions.

After a day of staying on my diet I will reward myself with one of the low carb desserts listed in the “South Beach” diet recipe book or some other “pleasurable” item.

7) Be Smart and Link Habits- Establishing a new habit is made easier by pairing it with an established habit.

As a part of my new way of eating I am trying to remember to drink more water, I have placed my water bottle next to my coffee maker which will hopefully remind me to drink my water before I down my customary two cups of coffee in the morning

8) Be Accountable – Utilizing a social support system is one of the best ways to establish a new habit.

I have enlisted my husband to practice this new way of eating with me so that I have someone to help me stay on the straight and narrow.  We have also found several people in our community who have lost weight on similar weight loss programs and enlisted them as our mentors.

9) Be Public – Increasing a sense of accountability by telling other people about my efforts yields benefits. Announcing to others that I am establishing new patterns will make it even harder to let those new habits slide.

Being an extrovert by nature, I have already announced to my entire community my intention to lose weight and how I plan to do it. This post is just another way of doing that and now my entire cyber community also knows of my commitment to eat differently. You will keep me honest now, won’t you?

10) Be Gracious – Experiencing a set-back or failure to practice a new habit, does not warrant condemnation that will make me want to give-up.

I will give myself a second, third, fourth or as many chances as needed to get back on track. I will stay positive and believe I can change. I am vowing to stay proactive and motivated and get right back on task—when I blow it.  Finally, when I do fail I will pray and ask for God’s mercy, grace and strength to continue in the process.

In conclusion, this time I am as committed to weight loss as I have ever been before.

I have lost weight previously and I know that a big part of it for me is getting there psychologically…and I think I am there. I am determined to carry through my resolution—with God’s help–for a healthier new me in 2010.

I know that if I keep at it change will eventually come.

Do you want to join me on this weight loss adventure? Please comment below.

It is not too far into the new year, why not begin your own plan for eating healthier in 2010?

What does weight loss look like in your life?

Do you have any good advice that you can add?  Just take the time to add your two cents to the bottom of this thread.  Don’t be shy your thought as always will be well appreciated.

Get on board everyone—May we all decrease in the year ahead!


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4 responses to “One More Attempt At Losing Weight!!!

  1. I’ve resolved to get in better shape. No drastic changes. Just having one refill at restaurants instead of three. =^) Eating one handfull of m&m’s instead of the entire bag. Keeping water with me throughout the day. And working out on the Wii Fit Plus a few evenings a week. It’s working so far, even if I can only feel slight changes. And, the Wii is FUN, so I’ve been sticking with it thus far. (That Super Hula Hoop KILLS me.) But, I’m already noticing an increase in energy! Kudos to you for being transparent, Maryellen.

  2. Eileen

    I’m right there with you. Last year I “found” the 20+ pounds that I had lost the previous year!! I am so tired of doing this so I promised myself that I will change my eating habits for good. I started going to the gym and trying to get in some type of daily cardio. Remember to drink the water, it really does help. I’m cheering for you!

  3. Mitz

    Don’t know what I’d do without water! Of course The Living Water is even more important. I know you know that.

  4. Jamie

    Hi Ladies,

    Reading your stories makes me smile. It is amazing that you are putting all this out here for others to read. Believe it or not there are simple steps that we can all take that will start to change our attitudes toward food and in the end will create a life long habit. I have experienced this in my own life. Keep up the positive attitudes. Keep it simple, Small steps do lead to consistent change where huge steps can lead to disappointment and potential failure.

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