Celebrate MLK Day Linkathon

So many people have written so many inspiring posts today regarding the legacy of the great Martin Luther King that I find it difficult to try to say it any better.  Please follow the links below if you want to be motivated by this incredible man and his mission!


I Have a Dream by Angela White at Stilettos and Grace


Martin Luther King by John Piper at Desiring God


Famous Quotes of Martin Luther King by the Huffington Post

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One response to “Celebrate MLK Day Linkathon

  1. Maryellen Stipe

    What a tragic loss it has been to this world that this wonderful Christian man was gunned down at such a young age. If allowed to live he have might have still been impacting us with his godly gifts, penetrating insights and rousing oratory. I thank God for who Martin Luther King was and pray that his legacy would continue on as other godly young men take up his torch. His stand was always for freedom and his methods and means were always moral and pure through and through.

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