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The W@C are hosting “So Long Insecurity” a Beth Moore Live Simulcast.

The live simulcast will be broadcast on April 24th 2010 from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM and you are invited to come be a part as we watch it together. The event will be held in the Sanctuary at Crossroads Church of Denver and the simulcast will be shown on the big screens affording everyone in attendance a front row seat. The event will feature reserved seating, as well as general admission gallery seating so begin planning to attend today!

This is an event that is not to be missed–the impact on women young and old will without a doubt change lives forever.  Plan now to take advantage of this unique opportunity for personal growth.  The ticket cost is $12 and lunch can be ordered for $8.  Get your tickets and order your lunch on line on the Crossroads Denver main website !

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When Life Hits You Like a Truck, Oh, It Was Only an SUV!

Life at times deals all of us unexpected JOLTS and last Friday night was a huge one for the Stipe family.  I was just placing the last items in my suitcase in anticipation of leaving for a long awaited tour of Israel when the phone rang.  The person on the other end was from Denver Health, a huge hospital in downtown Denver and they wanted to talk to my husband Tom.

I ran up stairs with the phone instinctively and did not even think it strange to be receiving a call from downtown at that time of night. But then I handed the phone to Tom and I could see it on his face, it was not good news.  I could tell by hearing only one half of the conversation that it was serious.  The conversation was over soon and Tom was telling me the unthinkable–our son, Thomas had been hit by an SUV on his bike and was in the emergency room.

Next, there was the good and the bad news.  According to the ER personnel–he had a brain bleed but was not critical.  A brain bleed but not critical–we kept reminding ourselves again and again as we drove to the hospital–because to us a brain bleed–sure sounded critical.  We got to the hospital and it was every parents nightmare. He was covered in blood with a swarm of doctors and nurses attending him.  I had to go out in the hall and sit down because I thought I was going to faint.  I could not take seeing my child like that.  Finally I got the courage to go back in and the swarm was down to one young female “Doc” stitching up a large laceration over Thomas’ eye.  I winced as she wove the stitches in an out over the precious brow I had kissed so often.  And little did I know that this was just the beginning of four harrowing days in the Surgical ICU.

For more on “every parent’s nightmare” see my husband’s thoughts at…


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