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Why I Facebook and Twitter

When I tell people I Facebook and Twitter I often get


Uninformed people often roll their eyes and question me.

They ask how I can justify

wasting so much time in such frivolous pursuits!

Well, this weekend I had that experience once too often!

I set up a table in our church lobby…

with the aim of recruiting bloggers and social-network enthusiasts.

My intention was to start a Blogging and Social-Networking Group.

A group which would gather people

who are interested in the SKILL behind Internet Social Media.

A group focused on learning new ways to reach out and

effectively communicate with more people on the worldwide web.

A group whose goal is, ultimately,

to stay in step with our culture and

to share our Christian values in culturally relevant ways!

But what did I get for all my trouble!


I was horrified as a talked to large numbers of people

who are CLUELESS about the value and importance of social media.

It was not one or two people who questioned me,

about why I view social networking as having redeeming social value.

It was, in fact the majority of people.

Well, a couple of days have passed since then…

and, my frustration has not passed!

So, I have written this post to answer my critics,

I want to scream ARE YOU KIDDING ME?


I just want to take the time to point out, I am NOT THE CRAZY ONE!

If you think becoming effective at social media is frivolous or valueless;


Our culture is currently in a SOCIAL MEDIA REVOLUTION and whether you know it or not,

there is…


Social networking is the BIGGEST thing on the internet.

It is BIGGER than porn!

And BIGGER than on-line shopping!





Please educate yourselves and watch the following video!

Please save me the awkward chore of insulting you!



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Quote for Today: Spurgeon on the Holy Spirit

Charles Haddon (C.H.) Spurgeon was born, June 19, 1834 and died, January 31, 1892. He was a Baptist preacher who remains highly influential among Christians of different denominations today and he is still widely known as the “Prince of Preachers.”

I am a fan of Spurgeon and my favorite quote by him has to do with the decline of the church and the need for Holy Spirit revival.

The need for Holy Spirit empowerment of the church is very much on my heart today!

This morning as I was praying and studying, I remembered this quote and it moved me once again to pray, repent and seek a deeper walk with my Lord. Because of the effect that these lines had on me I thought it appropriate to post it here.

My hope would be that the truth embodied by Spurgeon’s words  would touch someone else and serve to motivate them as I was motivated. May this saying move your heart like it moved mine!

“I believe brethren, that whenever the church of God declines, one of the most effectual ways of reviving her is to preach much truth about the Holy Spirit. If the Spirit be withdrawn, then the vitality of the godliness begins to decline and we are backbiting.  Let us turn to the Spirit of God crying, “Quicken thou me in thy ways.” If we sorrowfully perceive that any church is growing lukewarm, be it our prayer that the Holy Spirit may work graciously for its revival, Let us return to the Lord.  Let us seek again to be baptized into the Holy Spirit and into fire, and we shall yet, again behold the wonderful works of the Lord.” — C.H. Spurgeon

My husband is preaching today, in California on this very subject–the necessity of receiving Holy Spirit empowerment for the church.

Please pray that our churches would not decline and move into backbiting…but instead that they would return to the Lord and seek again to be baptized into the Holy Spirit and fire.


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Minstrels in the Marketplace

Kory Brunson on the Jumbo-tron at Coors Field

I love it when God gives Christian musicians visibility in the secular arena.

It makes me happy when “believers” get the chance to use their talents in places outside of church walls.

It is the way Jesus and Paul and others in the Scriptures practiced their religion–they went to the marketplace and engaged as many people as they possibly could.

Last weekend, our worship leader Kory Brunson, had the rare opportunity to sing before a full stadium at Coors Field, here in Denver, Colorado.

The song he was asked to perform was one of his own, and is a tribute to those in military service.

“We Know Your Out There” was written by Kory to honor the troops and “Thank God” for those who have chosen to put on a uniform and serve the U.S.A.

Ever since I heard about what Kory was able to do–I have been smiling inside.

I have been rejoicing, because he was able, to address–that crowd of over 40,000 people–and engage them with a song and a message that gives thanks and encourages hope in God.

I wanted to post this picture of Kory singing because I believe, that his boldness–to stand up as a Christian in the marketplace and thank God for those who serve this country–is to be ADMIRED.

I pray that more Christians would have the chance to stand tall in public places and give testimony of their faith.

And I pray for us, as believers, that when the opportunity to proclaim our beliefs comes our way–that we would not shrink back in fear.

I pray for all of us, that–when given the chance–we would have the courage to step forward and confidently declare our values–just as Kory did.


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