Minstrels in the Marketplace

Kory Brunson on the Jumbo-tron at Coors Field

I love it when God gives Christian musicians visibility in the secular arena.

It makes me happy when “believers” get the chance to use their talents in places outside of church walls.

It is the way Jesus and Paul and others in the Scriptures practiced their religion–they went to the marketplace and engaged as many people as they possibly could.

Last weekend, our worship leader Kory Brunson, had the rare opportunity to sing before a full stadium at Coors Field, here in Denver, Colorado.

The song he was asked to perform was one of his own, and is a tribute to those in military service.

“We Know Your Out There” was written by Kory to honor the troops and “Thank God” for those who have chosen to put on a uniform and serve the U.S.A.

Ever since I heard about what Kory was able to do–I have been smiling inside.

I have been rejoicing, because he was able, to address–that crowd of over 40,000 people–and engage them with a song and a message that gives thanks and encourages hope in God.

I wanted to post this picture of Kory singing because I believe, that his boldness–to stand up as a Christian in the marketplace and thank God for those who serve this country–is to be ADMIRED.

I pray that more Christians would have the chance to stand tall in public places and give testimony of their faith.

And I pray for us, as believers, that when the opportunity to proclaim our beliefs comes our way–that we would not shrink back in fear.

I pray for all of us, that–when given the chance–we would have the courage to step forward and confidently declare our values–just as Kory did.



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One response to “Minstrels in the Marketplace

  1. Mitz

    Maryellen, I am so thankful for Kory (his whole band and their families). I can’t say enough about how blessed we are to have awesome worship and teaching at Crossroads. They ALL totally put themselves out there for the Lord. They expose who they are and are not afraid. They have so much courage. We know “they” are out there and we thank God for them as well. They are heroes of a different sort. They don’t just have blood, sweat and tears for the red, white, and blue, they are doing it for the Lord.

    My prayer is just that they can remain humble. I think spending time with the Crossroads staff and family will make sure they remain in tact. Lord knows we want them to succeed out there in the world, yet we want to protect them from it too. We can do that you know? Every time we pray for them. That will help them remain strong in the Lord and His mighty power. It’s pretty obvious they are well grounded and I am thankful for that as well. Godspeed! Kory/Meggin and The Band.

    I’m just gonna say one more thing: Kory helped the Music & Drama Team record a CD recently and I just want to say, “He really does have a heart after the Lord.” My daughter didn’t stop talking about how he explained everything to them and made them unafraid. I’m sure he’s not perfect, but he’s not fake either. He’s a very godly man and as far as I have seen…….he truly does love people, family and community. We are blessed indeed!

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