Quote for Today: Spurgeon on the Holy Spirit

Charles Haddon (C.H.) Spurgeon was born, June 19, 1834 and died, January 31, 1892. He was a Baptist preacher who remains highly influential among Christians of different denominations today and he is still widely known as the “Prince of Preachers.”

I am a fan of Spurgeon and my favorite quote by him has to do with the decline of the church and the need for Holy Spirit revival.

The need for Holy Spirit empowerment of the church is very much on my heart today!

This morning as I was praying and studying, I remembered this quote and it moved me once again to pray, repent and seek a deeper walk with my Lord. Because of the effect that these lines had on me I thought it appropriate to post it here.

My hope would be that the truth embodied by Spurgeon’s words  would touch someone else and serve to motivate them as I was motivated. May this saying move your heart like it moved mine!

“I believe brethren, that whenever the church of God declines, one of the most effectual ways of reviving her is to preach much truth about the Holy Spirit. If the Spirit be withdrawn, then the vitality of the godliness begins to decline and we are backbiting.  Let us turn to the Spirit of God crying, “Quicken thou me in thy ways.” If we sorrowfully perceive that any church is growing lukewarm, be it our prayer that the Holy Spirit may work graciously for its revival, Let us return to the Lord.  Let us seek again to be baptized into the Holy Spirit and into fire, and we shall yet, again behold the wonderful works of the Lord.” — C.H. Spurgeon

My husband is preaching today, in California on this very subject–the necessity of receiving Holy Spirit empowerment for the church.

Please pray that our churches would not decline and move into backbiting…but instead that they would return to the Lord and seek again to be baptized into the Holy Spirit and fire.



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4 responses to “Quote for Today: Spurgeon on the Holy Spirit

  1. Dee Castleman

    I am very moved by Spurgeon. I read Spurgeon’s Evening by Evening book and everyday I am rewarded and motivated to reach into God’s word for a deeper meaning.

  2. Pam Nelson

    We would all benefit from reading and considering the book, Forgotten God. I was recommended some time ago by tome and is quite good. I love this and many other Spurgeon quotes!

  3. nancy cisneros

    I can not emphasis the need for the Holy Spirit in our lives. Spurgeon hit the nail on the head when he stipulated the need for the Holy Spirit in our daily walk with the Lord. I genuniley belive that Charles Spurgeon was God’s true light in a world of darkness.

  4. nancy cisneros

    I believe and emphasize that we need the Holy Spirit in our lives. I agree that Charles Spurgeon was perhaps a genuine light in this dark world.

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