Why I Facebook and Twitter

When I tell people I Facebook and Twitter I often get


Uninformed people often roll their eyes and question me.

They ask how I can justify

wasting so much time in such frivolous pursuits!

Well, this weekend I had that experience once too often!

I set up a table in our church lobby…

with the aim of recruiting bloggers and social-network enthusiasts.

My intention was to start a Blogging and Social-Networking Group.

A group which would gather people

who are interested in the SKILL behind Internet Social Media.

A group focused on learning new ways to reach out and

effectively communicate with more people on the worldwide web.

A group whose goal is, ultimately,

to stay in step with our culture and

to share our Christian values in culturally relevant ways!

But what did I get for all my trouble!


I was horrified as a talked to large numbers of people

who are CLUELESS about the value and importance of social media.

It was not one or two people who questioned me,

about why I view social networking as having redeeming social value.

It was, in fact the majority of people.

Well, a couple of days have passed since then…

and, my frustration has not passed!

So, I have written this post to answer my critics,

I want to scream ARE YOU KIDDING ME?


I just want to take the time to point out, I am NOT THE CRAZY ONE!

If you think becoming effective at social media is frivolous or valueless;


Our culture is currently in a SOCIAL MEDIA REVOLUTION and whether you know it or not,

there is…


Social networking is the BIGGEST thing on the internet.

It is BIGGER than porn!

And BIGGER than on-line shopping!





Please educate yourselves and watch the following video!

Please save me the awkward chore of insulting you!



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9 responses to “Why I Facebook and Twitter

  1. Mitz

    Maryellen, YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME? I commend you for your sticktoitiveness. Continue to hold your ground Sista!! I thought you would have so many people signing up we would have needed to use the sanctuary as a meeting place. Wow??? People are missing out on spreading the Word about our Lord. I am a HUGE advocate of social media. I have seen lives changed. It is so awesome! In my 40 (+) years on planet earth I never had the opportunities I have had seeing lives changed as I have even in the past several months. Though I have been using social media for several years now. It is just increasing at an alarming rate. I want to stress again “alarming”. Christians should be alarmed if they are not using some form of social media. They AND others are missing out because they are not…….I would like to stress “others” are missing on what they can bring.

    Our enemy wants to use the web for bad. Well….I am hear to say that I am using it for God’s glory. ‘Nuff said.

  2. Candie

    Amen Sister! Jesus was a blogger…He wrote in the dirt:)

  3. Connie Baca

    Can’t get the video to play

  4. Chris Silva

    Don’t hold back Maryellen, just say how you really feel. Haha, just kidding…I love it! Just one small example of the value for me is how I’ve gotten to better know my niece and nephews in Ohio. I never get to see them and since talking to their aunt on the phone is not likely to happen often, Facebook has made all the difference. Also my sister-in-law Julie’s journey through breast cancer was well documented on her blog, making me feel like I was right there with her sharing the details, instead of 1300 miles away.

  5. Tom Stipe

    My wife is a genius. All of this is very true and we need to understand our cultural communication shifts in order to better share the gospel. Jesus is not retiring with the baby boomers.

  6. Maryellen Stipe

    Thanks for the encouragement my friends. I am not going to give up–I will be out there in the lobby again this weekend recruiting for my Do-Life Bloggers group. Please come and sign up and join with us in endeavors to use social media (blogs, FB, twitter) to advance the cause of Christ and the Kingdom of God.

  7. Heidi

    The tape was good. Very informative. There really is a monster mega thing out there huh? I have been blessed over the years with my moderate involvement in the super highway but had no idea as to the magnitude. My personal curiosity in signing up for your class Maryellen was to know more about blogging itself. Namely, why the craze? “Visit my blog!” “Check out my blog!” Upon doing so I read only about possibly being stuck in traffic or a hum drum work day. Sigh, don’t get me wrong…’the Lord is certainly a very present help in times of trouble’ but why not expound upon it more than their feelings? Please pardon my immaturity, but it comes across as something that is pretty shallow and self centered to me. Hense my frustration and uncertainty with the whole blogging issue. Where is the lasting fruit of strategically woven scripture that will stand in that day? Will our personal experiences stand on the day of testing or proven to be as wood, hay and straw? I am looking forward to gleaning from the information presented from yourself and other instructors. I personally continue to wrestle with my own issue of of what profit is it. We can’t all be teachers, but I hope if ever I get on the net I am able to ‘present a heart of wisdom.’ If I am to speak and use cyber space I pray it will be of that calipher that will stand in that day.
    Thanks for listening…. I am a hopeless bloggoholic wantabe…
    Heidi 🙂

  8. Mitz

    Praise God! We will keep encouraging you Maryellen. No matter what the enemy tries to do to stop us. Oh, and looks like he has “tried”. Any news as to when this group is going to start?

    @Candie ~ hope you don’t mind, but I am going to quote you. That is awesome! :))

  9. Pamela

    I think they do not understand you because they do not use the internet socially. So they do not understand what you are trying to tell them. They do not see how it could work because they do not have the knowelge of how the internet works and have not seen how many people use it. Therefore they are uninformed and are trying to judge without all the information.
    If you have not experienced it, how could you understand.
    If they used the internet any at all, they would know what you are talking about and could visually see what you are trying to do would work.

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