Turn your kid’s used clothes & gear into extra $$$ and take the opportunity to help kids with Down Syndrome

Avery Park Children’s Consignment Event
Avery Park Children’s Consignment Sale is a 3-day event that takes place twice a year in the Spring and Fall.

We partner with local families that want to sell their children’s brand name high-quality items for a better return than a             garage sale or consignment shop. All of our items are in “excellent” condition, yet sell at a great discount, making it a shopping opportunity not to miss.

An extra incentive to participate in this sale is that a percentage of every purchase goes to The Research Center for Down Syndrome at Stanford University School of Medicine.

In 2007, the Stipe family was gifted with the addition to our family of our beautiful Avery Grace. She is a wonderful, talented and perceptive four year old girl who just happens to have Down Syndrome. This sale is named for Avery and is meant to be a vehicle for mom’s to recycle their near new children’s clothes and gear with the hope of making extra cash in these economically strapped times. Avery’s parents face extra financial responsibility because of Avery’s disability and know that many families face similar kinds of challenges; as a result Jennifer Stipe Mouttet decided in 2011 to spear head these annual sales as a source of relief to many young families.

The first of these sales will be held the weekend of September 16, 17 & 18 at Crossroads Church of Denver, in the Learning Center Gym.

Why Should I Consign?
If you are a mom, grandparent or caregiver you know how much money you spend on your children. They grow out of clothing, toys and gear so quickly, just to find it cluttering up your home. Have you ever tried selling your kid’s items at a garage sale only to “give away” your child’s seldom-worn clothes? Why not go through all of the things that your children no longer need, prepare them, enter and tag them using our automated website, drop them off, and let us do the rest.

As a consignor, you will:
~Earn 70% of your sales. If you refer 5 new consigners, earn 75%
~Pay a one time consigner fee of $10
~Shop before the public at our pre-sale event
~Relax at home while we do all the work
~Receive a check 7-10 days after the sale ends

Why Should I Volunteer?
Volunteers who work one 3 hour shift will:
Earn 70% of their total sales.
Shop before the public at the volunteer pre-sale Thurs. from 7:30pm – 9:00pm

Volunteers who work two 3 hour shifts will:
Earn 75% of their total sales.
Be the FIRST to shop before the public at the volunteer exclusive pre-sale Weds. Sept . 14th from 5:00pm – 7:00pm (pass is for one person + spouse or grandparent)

Sellers love our events because they can sell their children’s items without the hassle of having a garage sale or using Craigslist. Shoppers love our events because they get one-stop shopping for all of their children’s needs. Volunteers love our events because they get to shop first!

For more information on this event go to http://averypark.co/

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