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Turn your kid’s used clothes & gear into extra $$$ and take the opportunity to help kids with Down Syndrome

Avery Park Children’s Consignment Event
Avery Park Children’s Consignment Sale is a 3-day event that takes place twice a year in the Spring and Fall.

We partner with local families that want to sell their children’s brand name high-quality items for a better return than a             garage sale or consignment shop. All of our items are in “excellent” condition, yet sell at a great discount, making it a shopping opportunity not to miss.

An extra incentive to participate in this sale is that a percentage of every purchase goes to The Research Center for Down Syndrome at Stanford University School of Medicine.

In 2007, the Stipe family was gifted with the addition to our family of our beautiful Avery Grace. She is a wonderful, talented and perceptive four year old girl who just happens to have Down Syndrome. This sale is named for Avery and is meant to be a vehicle for mom’s to recycle their near new children’s clothes and gear with the hope of making extra cash in these economically strapped times. Avery’s parents face extra financial responsibility because of Avery’s disability and know that many families face similar kinds of challenges; as a result Jennifer Stipe Mouttet decided in 2011 to spear head these annual sales as a source of relief to many young families.

The first of these sales will be held the weekend of September 16, 17 & 18 at Crossroads Church of Denver, in the Learning Center Gym.

Why Should I Consign?
If you are a mom, grandparent or caregiver you know how much money you spend on your children. They grow out of clothing, toys and gear so quickly, just to find it cluttering up your home. Have you ever tried selling your kid’s items at a garage sale only to “give away” your child’s seldom-worn clothes? Why not go through all of the things that your children no longer need, prepare them, enter and tag them using our automated website, drop them off, and let us do the rest.

As a consignor, you will:
~Earn 70% of your sales. If you refer 5 new consigners, earn 75%
~Pay a one time consigner fee of $10
~Shop before the public at our pre-sale event
~Relax at home while we do all the work
~Receive a check 7-10 days after the sale ends

Why Should I Volunteer?
Volunteers who work one 3 hour shift will:
Earn 70% of their total sales.
Shop before the public at the volunteer pre-sale Thurs. from 7:30pm – 9:00pm

Volunteers who work two 3 hour shifts will:
Earn 75% of their total sales.
Be the FIRST to shop before the public at the volunteer exclusive pre-sale Weds. Sept . 14th from 5:00pm – 7:00pm (pass is for one person + spouse or grandparent)

Sellers love our events because they can sell their children’s items without the hassle of having a garage sale or using Craigslist. Shoppers love our events because they get one-stop shopping for all of their children’s needs. Volunteers love our events because they get to shop first!

For more information on this event go to

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There’s Still Time to Join Us in Vail for the Crossroad’s Women’s Retreat!

The aspens are turning and October is the perfect time to visit Vail Colorado! And you couldn’t find a better place to stay than the famous Vail Cascade Resort!

What is holding you back, you could be joining us on a once in a life time life-changing Retreat!

There are only a few more days to register so don’t delay, September 14th is the deadline for registration (we need a deposit by then) and September 30th is the deadline for final payment!

We want to see you there! — The Women at Crossroads

Just scroll down to get all the wonderful details!

Entrance to the Vail Cascade Resort and Spa

Come join us for “Living Beyond…living a passionate life for Christ in an apathetic world” on Oct. 15,16 & 17 at the Vail Cascade Resort in Vail CO.

Maryellen Stipe and the leadership of the Women at Crossroads will be the speakers for this years life-changing event and the worship leader for the weekend will be the gifted Molly Hall with Special music by the dynamic Angela White.

A sampling of some of the growing list of special session and workshop teachers featured during the weekend:

Kristen Crewell

Connie Baca

Judy Crewell

Angela White

Molly Hall

Dee Castleman

For more details and online registration click on the Main Crossroads website at the link listed in the sidebar.

Rates start at just $159 for the weekend and this price includes meals!


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Where Were You in the Seventies??? …My Jesus People Memories and Why Jesus People Reunions Rock On!

Tom and Maryellen Stipe during the Jesus Movement

When most people search back through the annals of their memories and remember the life changing passages in their lives they often think back to high school or college.

They remember the schools they attended, the relationships they had there, and the music that played in the background.

But when I think back on my life molding times—I am different.

I’m different because it was not the hallowed halls of an educational institution that profoundly shaped me. I am not without an educational alma-mater but the influence that sent me on my life course did not come from there.

What profoundly formed my life was a spiritual time—a special period of “God history.” And the spiritual environment, the spiritual experiences and the relationships that I tasted then are the elements that make up the indelible imprints of my young adulthood.

I consider myself fortunate to be one of “thousands” of so-called “Jesus freaks”– individuals whose teens and twenties were dominated by no less than Jesus himself. We are an unusual bunch, who when thinking of “where were you in the seventies?” don’t think of a school or a stadium, or even a war, but instead think of three words—The Jesus Movement.

The Jesus Movement was a culture unto itself—a counter-culture expression contrasting a youthful society gone mad. By the grace of God, at a time when evil raised up a banner extolling free sex, drugs and eastern mysticism, the Almighty raised up a standard of His own. To a generation looking for love in all the wrong places God lifted up his Son and His Divine love and thousands including me flocked to Him.

There was never a time before or has there ever been a time since when God moved so dramatically on young people. It was “revival” –and a spiritual Wind moved across a generation whisking tens of thousands into its influence. My life was dramatically changed by that Wind and my choice for a mate, my calling, and my lifestyle were cast in its wake.  I chose to follow Jesus and I have never looked back.

As a result, the story of my youth will never be encapsulated in a yearbook. Instead, the saga of my young years is tied to a dynamic people—the Jesus People—and their culture.

Yes, we had our own culture. We had our own brand of religion, with its own liturgy and a new spiritual jargon. We had our own dress; our own music and we even had our own folk heroes.

It was the music, which was a new type of sacred song that was the most defining element of our “spiritual culture.” And the music was pioneered by an elite group of young minstrels. The band that was at the epicenter of the musical awakening taking place was a group of redeemed “rockers” called Love Song.

The young guys who made up Love Song were unlikely “Levites.” They were not the beneficiaries of a long religious heritage, like the worship leaders of old; instead God drafted them off the street.  They came out of the “hippie” culture they were called to juxtaposition and God gave them inspired songs for the spiritual climate he was creating. They became the “pied pipers” of the movement, calling young participants to follow The Master.

Tom Stipe preaching in "Tent" at Calvary Chapel during the Jesus Movement

As I said, we also had our own folk heroes, these were teens that God raised up from amongst us to take the forefront leading the new sacred gatherings we were initiating. Jesus music concerts were one of the staples of the spiritual life of the Jesus People and they were almost always punctuated by the messages of young evangelists.  I married one of these evangelists/folk heroes and nearly forty years later we are still making disciples.

I never went to one of my high school or college reunions, but through the years I have attended several “Jesus People Reunions.”  These events are extremely popular because they help true “Jesus People” to remember the happenings that for most of us eclipsed everything else in our young lives. We have a chance at these gatherings to sing the old songs, to raise our hands in the same holy ways and to consider once again the spiritual truths that have always been so important.

These reunions, while misunderstood by many, are immensely clear in their importance to those who actually lived through the Jesus Movement. They are meaningful and bring to our remembrance the sacred times that carved out our personalities and determined our futures. At these events we have an opportunity to savor the spiritual essence of a time gone by while we worship the Savior who’s always the same and who we will always love!

On September 15th at 6:30, Crossroads Church of Denver will host the Love Song Reunion Tour with Chuck Smith; also on hand will be hundreds of Jesus People who actually lived through that incredible time in history. I will be there with my husband Tom Stipe. Tom and I moved to Denver in 1976 to plant a Jesus Movement type church in Colorado. We were on staff with Chuck Smith from 1970 until 1976 and during that time Tom was the staff evangelist in charge of the Saturday Night Maranatha Concerts.

We invite you to come and join us for what we are sure will be a life-changing concert with Love Song and Chuck Smith. If you are a Christian who dates back to the Jesus Movement days please come ready to be part of a heart warming reunion and if you are one who wants to just come and check out what you have heard about this incredible band please feel welcomed. I am sure no one will go away without experiencing a blessing and a dose of God’s love. God’s love in abundance was one of the hallmarks of the Jesus Movement and it’s the same yesterday, today and forever!

For a taste of the time, I’ve included the following excerpt from an article from a local newspaper of the period. This posting is a part of just one of the many articles that I have collected that reported on the spiritual happenings in the tent that Calvary Chapel called home during the Jesus Movement. This particular piece is one of my favorites because it captures the preaching of my husband Tom Stipe.

Sunday March 31, 1974 Long Beach Independent, Press-Telegram (from article “Jesus on Campus”)

Tom Stipe, the folk hero of Calvary Chapel comes on after the large, youthful congregation has warmed up with an hour of moving ballads interspersed with deep-bass, hand-clapping Jesus rock from the musicians of Love Song, one of the chapel’s nationally known rock groups. He’s wearing faded jeans, a blue work shirt and tousled, shoulder length hair. Stipe is a showman, but he mocks his own showmanship, dropping into a Southern preacher drawl that delights the teenagers.

“Now when ah got saved, ah wasn’t falling into the depths,” he drawls. “Ah was into the whole party thing in pursuit of fun—you know the kinda guy who is driving around at three in the morning to see it anybody is still awake…” Laughter rocks the light-flooded chapel.  It’s Saturday night and it’s the biggest Jesus show around. For local high school and college students, it’s the Southland’s religious mecca.  They come driving down to South Santa Ana from as far as the San Fernando Valley and San Diego.

“Now, everybody thinks they can get more from Pier One in Newport Beach than from Jesus Christ,” Stipe preaches. “They think they can get more action on Long Beach Boulevard or Pacific Coast Highway than from the Lord…Before I got saved I always thought that if you became a Christian, you’d become like a stone, You know,” he says, dropping into a deep, moronic voice. “duh I am a Christian.” And people would just roll you around. (Roars of laughter). Well let me tell you what it’s really like…”


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Why I Facebook and Twitter

When I tell people I Facebook and Twitter I often get


Uninformed people often roll their eyes and question me.

They ask how I can justify

wasting so much time in such frivolous pursuits!

Well, this weekend I had that experience once too often!

I set up a table in our church lobby…

with the aim of recruiting bloggers and social-network enthusiasts.

My intention was to start a Blogging and Social-Networking Group.

A group which would gather people

who are interested in the SKILL behind Internet Social Media.

A group focused on learning new ways to reach out and

effectively communicate with more people on the worldwide web.

A group whose goal is, ultimately,

to stay in step with our culture and

to share our Christian values in culturally relevant ways!

But what did I get for all my trouble!


I was horrified as a talked to large numbers of people

who are CLUELESS about the value and importance of social media.

It was not one or two people who questioned me,

about why I view social networking as having redeeming social value.

It was, in fact the majority of people.

Well, a couple of days have passed since then…

and, my frustration has not passed!

So, I have written this post to answer my critics,

I want to scream ARE YOU KIDDING ME?


I just want to take the time to point out, I am NOT THE CRAZY ONE!

If you think becoming effective at social media is frivolous or valueless;


Our culture is currently in a SOCIAL MEDIA REVOLUTION and whether you know it or not,

there is…


Social networking is the BIGGEST thing on the internet.

It is BIGGER than porn!

And BIGGER than on-line shopping!





Please educate yourselves and watch the following video!

Please save me the awkward chore of insulting you!



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2009 Crossroads Women’s Christmas Tea — “A Christmas Dream Come True”

“A Christmas Dream Come True” is the title of our upcoming Women’s Christmas Tea and Holiday Celebration.  This year “The Women at Crossroads” will host two sittings for tea with accompanying “Holiday Celebration” performances.

In addition to the traditional “high tea” served in an English style, the celebration part of the event, includes a program of about one hour in length–featuring music, drama and inspirational Christmas entertainment.

The 2009 dates for these popular events are Saturday December 5th at 12:30 P.M. and Saturday December 12th at 12:30 P.M. The seating is by reservation only and the ticket cost per person is $17.50, (for those interested in purchasing an entire table) each table seats ten.

Tickets will go on sale Sunday November 1st before the 9:00 A.M. service at the Women’s Ministry Counter on the east side of the main lobby at Crossroads Church of Denver. The ticket counter will open at 8:30 A.M.

This year the Holiday Celebration of “A Christmas Dream Come True” will feature vocal performances by Kory Brunson and Angela White; two gifted young artists familiar to Denver audiences.  The Kory Brunson band will supply the music with vocal support provided by The Crossroads Worship team.

The event will also feature a menu of superb tea delicacies supplied by Fancy to Fantasy Catered Affairs with impeccable service provided by the men and youth of Crossroads Church of Denver. Semi-formal Christmas attire is suggested for those in attendance.

Last year all tickets for this event sold out well before the performances, so we advise purchasing your tickets early.

We hope to see you there!

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Remembering Our Sister in Christ, Julie Robbins

Julie at the family cabin last spring

Julie at the family cabin last spring

To all of Julie Robbins dear friends and her Crossroads family:
Julie has fought the good fight and now she has gone home to be with Jesus. She changed addresses gently and comfortably before midnight on Sunday, December 7, 2008. Julie’s husband, John; her daughter, Kacey, and her husband, Tim; her son, Ian, and his girlfriend, Nicole; and her sister, Nicki; were at her side when she slipped peacefully away. We all know to be absent from the body is to present with the Lord but we continue to pray for God’s grace and comfort for the family and all of us who knew her and loved her. John will be taking her back to Helena, Montana for burial but they would like to have a memorial service at Crossroads. No details have been decided but we will let you know. Thank you all for your prayers and support- the family have really appreciated it- and of course, we know Julie would have approved (and that’s the most important!).
The Lord’s comfort and blessings on this time of loss but also this time of celebration of a beautiful woman in Him.

From, Judy Crewell

Please feel free to add your condolences and remarks in rememberance of Julie’s life to the comments section at the end of this post.  We know that she was well loved by the Women at Crossroads. 

We have created a special page (see “Memorial — Julie Robbins ” under the listing “pages” in the sidebar) that includes the details of her memorial service and other misc info.

Praise the Lord, after running a long hard race in this life Julie is home with her Savior!  We will grieve this loss of a precious, loving and caring sister in Christ together.  Please share your feelings with the rest of us.  We welcome the contribution of your memories and stories to this post.  Julie’s quick wit, fun loving personality and godly character will not be soon forgotten!  

Maryellen Stipe


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