FAQ’s are frequently asked questions.  Here are a few that have been asked so far and here are the answers.

How do I post a comment?

You can leave a reply or comment to a particular post on a blog by clicking on the title and then going to the reply box at the end of the thread (a thread refers to a post and the replies following the post). 

Type your comment into the box and submit it.  You will be required to leave a name and an e-mail address (the e-mail address will not be made public and will only be viewed by the blog moderator, Maryellen Stipe).  The name can be your real name, a nickname or pseudonym.

What are the pictures that appear next to the names of those who comment?

Those cute pictures are avatars.

What is an avatar?

An avatar is a computer user’s representation of himself or herself, whether in the form of a three-dimensional model used in computer games or a two-dimensional icon (picture) used on internet forums, blogs and other communities. It is an “object” representing the embodiment of the user. The term “avatar” can also refer to the personality connected with the screen name, or handle, of an Internet user.

What is a gravatar?

A gravatar, or globally recognized avatar, is quite simply an avatar image that follows you from weblog to weblog appearing beside your name when you comment on gravatar enabled sites. Avatars help identify your posts on web forums and weblogs?

How do I get a gravatar?

Signing up for a gravatar.com account is FREE, and all that’s required is your email address. Once you’ve signed up you can upload your avatar image and you’ll start seeing it on gravatar enabled weblogs like Women at Crossroads.

What is the “pray with us” page and how do I get the password for this protected part of the Women at Crossroads blog.

The “pray for us” page is a more private page for the use of members of the Crossroads Church community.  It contains a current prayer list of things we are praying for together at Crossroads. You can obtain the password by e-mailing me (Maryellen Stipe) at my crossroads1.org address and I will e-mail it back to you. If you don’t have my exact e-mail address it can be obtained by calling the Crossroads Church of Denver church office or my e-mail is listed on most of the church calendars and bulletins and the church website. I would rather not publish my e-mail address on this blog at this time.

3 responses to “FAQ’s

  1. This is a really interesting blog post,I have added your blog to my favourites I really like it,keep up the good work!

  2. janellebratten

    HI Maryellen, excited to see your new entries into the blog and info on your new study. I would like to get the info, book, and CDs for the new study on spiritual warfare. I am praying for our country, tomarrow is the inaguration. I pray you will have a powerful study, we all need this with the changes. Hope all is good with family, we will have 2 grandbabies this year. God Bless,Janelle

  3. Great, that is exactly what my wife and I needed to learn

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