Memorial–Julie Robbins

Julie and her daughter Kasey at the Race for the Cure 2007
Julie and her daughter Kacey at the Race for the Cure 2007

A Memorial Service for

Julie Sassano-Robbins was held on Wednesday, December 10, 2008

at Crossroads Church of Denver in the main sanctuary. 

Tom Stipe, Julie’s pastor of over twenty years was the officiating pastor and a reception followed the service at Crossroads. 




The order of service for the memorial was as follows: 







Memorial Service

Crossroads Church of Denver

December 10, 2008


In Celebration of the Life of

Julie Sassano-Robbins


November 23, 1954—December 7, 2008


 Prelude Music and Opening Hymn–Kimberley Rose Peters


Scripture Reading–Maryellen Stipe





Kevin Rodgers–Representing John Robbins


Judy Crewell–Representing the Robbins Children


 Nikki DeWolf–Representing the Sassano Family


Cheri Baenisch—Representing Friends


 Maryellen Stipe–Representing Brothers and Sisters of Crossroads



Memorial Message                              Pastor Tom Stipe


Closing Music                                     Kevin Rodgers











Maryellen Stipe shared the following eulogy:


I first met Julie when she was a young mom and came as a visitor to our church. She had been encouraged to a deeper relationship with Christ by a young man that she worked with. The young man attended church here and Julie responded to his invitation to meet him at one of the services; she first visited as his guest. Julie loved our church from the beginning and soon realized that she had found a church home.  She began attending regularly and brought her children with her.

Kacey was just a baby when they started coming to Crossroads and I have a son who is one year older.  I first remember meeting Julie as we checked our children into the nursery. Thomas is now 21, so that is how long Julie had been a part of us (almost 20 years). Kacey and Thomas were friends throughout Sunday school and went on to attend Ralston Valley High School together, we always had that in common. 

I really became friends with Julie when she began attending women’s ministry events and as it would turn out Julie would become a devoted participant in women’s ministry throughout the years. My fondest memories of Julie will always be working in the Lord’s service along side her.  I will never forget Julie’s enthusiasm as a ministry co-worker who was always available to help with any event that catered to the needs of women. 

I remember Julie from the beginning as always being very passionate about her faith in Jesus Christ and she began serving very soon after she started attending the church. Julie was always about pitching in and helping–and as she did so–she would always share a part of herself.  She would share freely about her life and faith with anyone who would listen.

She loved her family dearly and they were second only to God in her life. In addition to John and her kids, we also all knew about the clan in Montana and all the nieces and nephews as they came along. Julie always gave of herself self-sacrificially to her family–whether it be those related by blood or her church family here at Crossroads. 

We will all miss Julie’s vibrant personality in our midst; she always brought a smile and was the eternal optimist. (And I really appreciate people like Julie because I can tend to be a pessimist.) I will always be personally grateful for her positive outlook and I will forever value the up-beat contribution she made to any team she ever served on.  Julie had a quick wit and always kept us entertained with her comebacks.  She was a character!

She contributed tirelessly to Crossroads with her time and energies.  She poured herself into what ever she became involved in—and as far as her involvement in women’s ministry—she did it all.  She came to Bible Study, she was a mentor mom for MOPS and most of all she loved to help with the events. 

Julie never missed a women’s retreat and she was a faithful volunteer who helped every year with the Christmas Tea. Her greatest contribution to the teas was as the food prep coordinator and she and (later she and Kacey) would run that area with precision. She was a general when it came to leading women in serving others. 

She was best known for her version of Devonshire cream. No one could make it like Julie.  She would go up in the kitchen by herself shut the door and emerge with a heavenly concoction no one could ever match. This year we had the caterer try to make it and not even the professionals could do it as well as Julie.   

Julie’s other great love around the church was to work in the nursery and she was a faithful volunteer with the babies for years. She loved babies and babies loved her. She would work side by side with Dick Becker and (those two could run a nursery) the little ones—under their charge–always had the very best of care.  She had a magic touch with them and could calm them down and make them happy like no one else.

I got a chance to visit Julie at the hospital during this last stay. I am not an avid hospital call pastor because I don’t do well seeing people in pain and I have been known to pass out.  Well Julie knows this about me and was kind of surprised when I came through the door—she was concerned about how I would do.  I did fine however and Julie joked with Judy about it the next day. When I visited I told her how proud we all were of her and what an inspiration she had been as she fought the good fight battling the cancer.  Towards the end I visited Julie one last time and told her how much we all loved her, how much we would all miss her and I said good-bye for all of us.

My love goes out to John, Kacey, Ian and the rest of the family as I know their hearts are aching like all of ours. I pray that God’s comfort will be with us all.  Julie is in heaven and is experiencing joy and peace and Jesus like never before—we are the ones experiencing loss, loss of the friend that we loved so much and it is right that we should grieve together.  But let’s also remember where Julie is today and be happy and celebrate for her—because she has finished what really was a difficult journey and is finally home.


To view condolences and rememberances of the life of  

Julie Sassano-Robbins 

Please view the page entitled “Remembering Julie Robbins”

which is listed in the “Pages” sidebar.

You are invited to add your rememberances of Julie of to that page

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6 responses to “Memorial–Julie Robbins

  1. dianne cole

    All of us who were priviledged to know Julie, know that we were blessed. Julie exemplified Christ. I’m sure she is beaming with joy as she seeks the Lord to find any little thing she can do for Him… as always. Her family will continue to be in our prayers.
    Erv and Dianne Cole

  2. Cherie Lewis

    Oh Jules, I am so happy for you! This has been a long hard battle. How rested and refreshed you are now! You have been a good friend, Sweet Jules. I do feel a great deal of compassion for our Father who is being very pressured to keep those hazelnut lattes coming… the way, how do they taste up there? Jules, you are in the very presence of our Heavenly Father!!!! You are truly tasting His goodness!

    You were my cheerleader, my number one fan, and personal shoe shopper. You made leading worship a delight, as I would look out to see you smiling, encouraging me to keep doing my best. And to see you worshipping, well, was a gift. You are worshipping, with abandon, and full lung capacity you are singing, in the presence of our Father!

    This hurts!! I miss you so much. Thank you for the life you inspired in us. Thank you for never giving up. Thank you for looking outside of what you were in the midst of to see what your girlfriends were in the midst of.

    I selfishly cry….tears for myself. But I cry tears of joy for you, Jules, for at last, you are not restricted by a lack of oxygen or fatigue or pain or tubes. You are dancing! You are whole. I can’t wait to see you that way. It seems like it’s going to be a long time. But when it comes, we are going to have an eternity to catch up.

    Love you, friend. See you soon.

  3. Mary Kruk

    This world is a more empty place now that our friend Julie has gone home to be with the Lord. I will miss her. Only the knowledge that she is now with Jesus, no longer in pain and now able to breathe again, comforts me. She is dancing now, whole.

    I will miss her beautiful smile that lit up the room as she entered it. I will miss serving alongside my friend and how much fun the mundane tasks were when we worked together. I will miss worshipping with her. I will miss coffee at Starbucks. I will miss looking at all the pictures on her camera and hearing the stories attached to them. I will miss the way she would shut herself in the church kitchen to make her Devonshire cream for the teas. I don’t think we will ever know the “secret ingredient”, at least not until we see Julie in heaven someday. I will miss her Reese’s Sticks dipped in the Devonshire cream each Friday before the teas. What a bad habit, but oh how yummy.

    Julie was such a servant. She spent countless hours over the years talking to, holding, rocking and yes even changing my kids. My family will miss her.

    My husband, our girls and I have seen God answer our prayers for Julie over the years. What a testimony to God’s consistency. I don’t know why God chose to take Julie home now, but I do know I’ll see her again. I can’t wait. Jesus come back soon!

  4. janellebratten

    Aloha, some time has gone by since I was at Julies memorial. It was amazing to see Gods timing in everything. I got home to Colorado just before Thanksgiving from Hawaii. It was such a blessing and I was so very thankful I was there to help and attend the Julie’s service.She really was precious to me, so many times we shared special moments at retreats, praying together and chatting and serving together at church for many years! Her inspiration and faith in life is more than I can put into words, God truly gave her great strength to endure hardships and love her family and love others. I miss her and will always remember her fantastic smile, strong heart and will cherish her friendship. I know she is enjoying the warmth of Gods perfect love with her Savior. We love you Julie and will miss you. God Bless the family and Aloha nui loa, Janelle Bratten

  5. Dolores Folkenroth

    Julie was my guardian angel sent to me during those difficult years of divorce. She was a women who could feel and relate to my pain. We became sisters in Christ. People actually thought we were blood sisters. Julie walked along side me many years, encouraging me, praying for me and giving me hope for the future. She had walked this path, years ago and Jesus sure used her in my life to help me grow through my divorce. She also, became a stepmother to my daughter, she was a mother that embraced my daughter with unconditonal love. Prayed for her for years (I had lots of awesome people praying for my children).

    Julie was a light in our life. I miss her smile and her hugs. The most important gift she shared with me was the gift of life and Jesus. Thanks Julie.

    I love you my sister. Vaila con dios mi amor.

  6. None

    wasnt she a pornstar?

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