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This page is meant to be an open forum for those of you who would like to post about things that are happening in your world.  Feel free to use the comment box to record your ideas and opinions.  I am open to anything from new recipes, to parenting strategies, to book reviews, etc. etc.  The sky’s the limit!  Let’s give it a try!  What is on your heart? 

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12 responses to “Open Forum

  1. Dolores Folkenroth

    It’s so exciting to have a blog to share what an awesome friend I have in Jesus. I am so thankful for new life. I appreciate the tools and resources the Lord continues to put into my hands and path. I want to share with all my sisters in Christ, if your stuck in ruts, habits, and excuses, it’s time for you to fire yourself from being god. Start giving to Jesus your critical stinking thinking (those battles you fight everyday within me, myself and I). Get over yourself, let go and let God be the center of your heart, mind and body. I challenge you to come and be blessed, come and see how great a friend I have in Jesus. He loves me just as I am. He encourages me, doesn’t judge or condemned me, he listens. I can lean on him, count on him and be held by him. There is nothing that will cause him to love me any less.

    My sisters, if your wanting change in your life, come to Women’s Bible Study. The subject is you and how special you are. Jesus goal is to be emotionally connected with you. He’s knocking, won’t you let him in? Allow him time in your busy schedule. Come my sister and be blessed.

    Maryellen is an awesome student, leader, and teacher of the word. She is open and shares the good, bad, and ugly in letting go and giving our hearts to Jesus. Don’t take my word, come find out for yourself.

    Jesus, I lift all my sister in Christ and also the sisters that are yet to be born up to you. I pray that you will set them free from all things that bind, blind and keep them from moving in step with you. I pray that they will trust and give to you all their thoughts and heart. I pray they will grieve their losses, accept the things that can’t be changed, embrace and claim the things that can. I pray Father that they will seek you, and give ownership of the ruts, excuses, and habits that keep them stuck and moving forward. I pray for their salvation,mercy and grace. I pray that they will honor you and allow you to love them just as they are. In Jesus name I pray. Thank you Jesus.

    I love you my sisters.

    Dolores Folkenroth

  2. Maryellen Stipe


    Thank you for initiating our “open forum” page. I am grateful that you took the time to be the first one to post. It is wonderful to hear what is on your heart and how passionate you are to see people grow in their spiritual lives. Keep up the prayers, I know they are being heard.


  3. Dolores Folkenroth

    Thank you for your encouragement. I’m so thankful for all our pastors and our church. Yesterday I was praising and whorshipping the Lord, and it was like the Lord just spoke to me to look across the way, when I did, I saw my sister standing looking my way and I was shocked. (the only time my sister came to Crossroads, I invited her to the tea 3 years ago) I have been praying for my family for years. (I have three sisters and two brothers). I moved next to her and just thanked Jesus, the message from Galye Erwin was right on. After services, I pray for others. My sister followed me and asked for prayer. I couldn’t believe all that was happening. She gave her life to Jesus. Thank you Becky and Jeff for your committment and love for Jesus, you helped pick the flower. Praise you Jesus. Thank you for answered prayer. Keep her in your prayers anyone whose reading this blog. Her name is Geneive.


  4. Pam Nelson

    The Red Envelope Project:

    The idea came from a woman online. The idea is to send an empty red envelope to the president on March 31st. It is to represent a life that ended by abortion. I have some red envelopes. Someone donated some stamps and so if you are interested in helping to address an envelope, please stop by the Crossing Bookstore on Sunday morning 3/29. Hope to see you on Sunday morning!

  5. i love that such a website exit. I’m 22 but I’ve been suffering in my spiritual life. I feel like I’m so far away from God and I just don’t know how to get back. Could someone advise me on what to do?

  6. Maryellen Stipe

    Hi Alanka,

    My name is Maryellen Stipe and I am the author of Women at Crossroads. I am a Christian counselor and I would love to help you get closer to God and regain relationship with Him. What is your faith background with God? Do you consider yourself a Christian? By that I mean do you have a knowledge of Jesus Christ and do you believe that believing in Jesus is central to relating to God. I would love to start a dialog with you but I need to know your story. Please continue to correspond with me. One thing you can be sure of is that God loves you and wants to relate with you as His child. He doesn’t want anything to stand between you and He. Please write back either here on the blog or you can reach me at I will be waiting to here from you.

    Love in Christ,
    Maryellen Stipe

  7. janellebratten

    I have read your article on character versus reputation. As we go through life, reputation is important only if we lead a Godly life. By leading a Godly life our character will blosom into the woman God wants us to be, which will result into His strong character in us. From strong character we will naturally have the kind of reputation God would want for us and that is for people to see Jesus in His children. Our personal walk with Him is just that, a personal walk, being accountable to Him and His ways, by receiving Him and His word into our life daily.He is whom we please. We die to ourselves and humble ourselves to God daily, knowing He is God and we’re not. His love, grace and mercy will cover all the rest,even the mistakes we make if our heart is right with Him. We do want to be a good example to others and by letting His light shine in us and through us we can be the example God would have us to be. We seek to hear His voice, act on His word and do all we can for God by His Holy Spirit. Our reputation will come through as He wants it to be. He is really the one we are pleasing and not man. If we can help people see God and His love, then our purpose is accomplished here in many ways. We always keep our eyes on Him, pleasing Him in all things. In other words, we want Gods approval for our reputation first and then everything will be in the right order! To God Be the Glory! Love you guys, Aloha, Janelle Bratten

  8. Dolores Folkenroth

    Maryellen it’s been almost a year since I’ve connected with this open forum. This past year has been a year of losses of family and friends a total of 11, and even the loss of my dog, and financial losses. I am so thankful that I can lean on the Lord and not my own understanding. He is faithful and loyal. He has been my stronghold through it all. It’s also been a growing year for me in many ways. I am so thankful, that I have a heavenly Father that loves me and will never leave or forsake me. I am very blessed to have you and Tom as my pastors and as my menitors in Christ. Because of your committment and obedience to Christ, I am a life that is being changed. Jesus goal for us is to be emotionally connected to him – my vaule and worth and purpose come from him. As I continue to seek him for everything in my lilfe – he is faithful.

    I began this year – my prayers are to be all that I can be in serving Jesus. I ask him daily, not what he can do for me, but what can I do for him in such times as these. How can I honor and exult him through it all. My commitment is to pray, obey and stay in step with him through it all. “Look at my problems in the light of God’s power instead of looking at God in the shadow of my problems.” God doesn’t look at my behavior ( I am so thankful) , he looks at my heart, and I want him to see the fruits of his labor. It’s not easy, nor am I consistant, (I thank him for his patience with me), I want to share his love, peace and the joy through it all.

    “May the Lord bless you and protect you, may the Lord shine upon you and be gracious to you, May the Lord show you his favor and give you his peace.” Numbers 6: 24-26

    When I ask God to bless others, I’m asking him to do these five things.

    – bless and protect them
    – shine upon them / smile upon them / be pleased
    – be gracious / merciful and compassionate
    – show his favor toward them / give his approval
    – give peace / his plan/ his will

    “And He will give you all you need from day to day if you live for him and make the Kingdom of God your primary concern.” Matthew 6:33

    I’m appreciating life, forgiving more , loving others as the Lord loves me , being kind, seeking the positives and when I hear or have the critical thinking growing the negatives, I ask Jesus for the Holy Spirit kick in the butt and the Holy Spirit revival – asking him to refine and restore my thoughts……… He is faithful.

    What really awesome about Jesus, he doesn’t need me, he desires me , I know because the Bible tells me so.

    Your a great student Maryellen, and that is why your such a great teacher. I appreciate your commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ. May you be blessed.

    Dolores Folkenroth

  9. Mitz

    Don’t you love how Beth Moore gets you to think deep inside yourself?

  10. Dee Castleman

    Yes, Mitz I agree with you.

    Beth Moore’s attraction to me is her humble spirit. She always points out that she’s the first to need her own teaching, how can we not seek to follow our understanding of the word.

    Today I received two pearls and they were: God is not going to fulfill my destiny without me. There is something I am called to. And my past is not just a terrible blight on my record, it is my future.

    How many times do we ask ourselves whether or not we are in God’s will. I’m often afraid because of my own sin I’m going to miss the boat. Now I’m encouraged, He will not fulfill my destiny without me.

    And the chains of my past that have held me, I wouldn’t put that on any resume. Only God loves us enough to not only use it to encourage another, but he gives us the healing freedom to want to share it. (This is where I would usually put a smiley face.)

  11. Mitz

    Thank you for doing these Bible Studies for us Maryellen. It is so clear how much you love us and want to help us trust in the LORD, to be not afraid, and to wait for God’s perfect timing. You are always there for us to lift us up in the LORD and find that destiny that might be just a brave decision away. Thank you for always sharing your wisdom of God with us. You give us the courage to be real with another and to love each other just as Christ loved us. We love you too! M

    One thing that really hit home this week: If _______(fill in the blank), then MY God will be there for me and care for me.

  12. Kathy Pachal

    Early this morning I found myself pondering the idea of what it really means to give sacrificially. In Luke 21 we’re told about the widow who gave out of her poverty, she trusted in God and not in her resources and then today as I was completing the Day 3 (yes, I’m behind) of our Bible study and I thought about David in 2 Sam 24:24 who was materially rich beyond measure yet refused to give that which cost him nothing; recognizing his need to honor God sacrificially. Often there is a cost associated when giving from the heart to honor the one who has given us everything. Not giving to “get” but giving out of a heart of love, honor, and gratitude to HIM!

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